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he European Union provides a wide range of opportunities for the realization of innovative project ideas. In order to successfully and efficiently carry out these projects, experts are required who have the knowledge and skills for the design, development, administration and implementation of such projects. The FH-JOANNEUM has developed a modular post-graduate master degree course of studies to train experts in this field and to provide persons with previous experience in the EU Project area with more in-depth knowledge.

International Business School Austria

IBSA is based in Graz, Austria, and has been offering Master Programs in cooperation with local Universities and US-based Universities for more than 10 years. 

IBSA and FH JOANNEUM formed an unique partnership for the implementation of the highly innovative Master
Program “European Project and Public Management” which is delivered in a blended-learning format in Graz.

„Having just been an MBA student myself parallel to my job and having worked for many
years in various education sectors, I have great passion for this industry. I perfectly understand the needs and requirements of students related to their further education ambitions while being in a busy job. IBSA, in cooperation with FH JOANNEUM, is helping students move forward in their career by providing practical and valuable education in a fl exible blended-learning format.“
Klaus Kersten, CEO International Business School Austria